Rolling Saddle Rack Cart

Saddle Rack Cart Saddle Sherpa

A foldable rolling saddle rack cart very convenient to carry 1 or 2 saddles and all of your horse or poney's equipment. The Saddle Sherpa comes with the horse grooming bag Pretty Bag.

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A Rolling saddle rack cart very handy

The Saddle Sherpa from Horse & Travel has been designed to allow you to easily carry horse or pony's and rider's equipment.

You can place 1 or 2 riding saddles, your saddle pads, the bridle of your horse ...
It is equipped with a basket in which you can drop bell boots, fetlock and tendon boots, polo or fleece bandages, your riding helmet...

Rolling Saddle Rack Cart Saddle Sherpa
Foldable Rolling Saddle Rack Cart Saddle Sherpa

A foldable rolling saddle rack cart

Completely foldable, the Saddle Sherpa measures 104 x 54 x 80 cm when unfolded.

Very maneuverable, solid and stable, it is equipped with 4 large rubber wheels to absorb the irregularities of the ground, common in the stables or on competition fields.

The frame is made of aluminum.
The Saddle Sherpa weighs 9 kg when unloaded and it's maximum load is 40 kg.


The horse grooming bag Pretty Bag

The Saddle Sherpa comes with the Horse & Travel grooming bag Pretty Bag.

The Pretty Bag has been designed as a organizer that unfold and can be hanged in which you can store all the grooming equipment of your horse or pony such as curry combs, dandy and soft brushes, hoof picks, mane and tail brushes, sweat scrapers, sponges, washing and grooming gloves,braiding bands and tapes, shampoos and conditioners, detanglers ....

Once opened, it unfolds and hangs by the hook at the stall door, horsetrailer, truck, in the tack room.
When hanging, you have access to all of your equipment without having to dig into the bottom of a traditional grooming bag.

The Pretty Bag grooming bag and the removable basket are made of TARPAULIN PVC, extremely resistant and washable with sponge materials.

Horse Grooming Bag Pretty Bag
Bag Foldable Rolling Saddle Rack Cart Saddle Sherpa

A carrying bag to store the Saddle Sherpa

When fully folded, the Saddle Sherpa fits into a compact carrying bag measuring 40.5 x 20 x 81 cm.

The rolling saddle rack cart's bag make it easy to carry around the Saddle Sherpa thanks to its handles.

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