Horse Hay Bag

Horse Hay Bag Western - Silver

The Horse Hay Bag Western Silver is a waterproof hay bag designed to reduce hay loss to a minimum and provide your horse or pony hay feed at the stable, in the horse trailer or at eventings.
This hay bag can be hanged anywhere it's needed.

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  • Collection WESTERN SILVER
  • Waterproof
  • Tarpaulin
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A horse hay bag that can be hanged anywhere

The Horse & Travel Horse Hay Bag Western Silver is design to gather your pony or horse's hay feed with a minimum hay loss.

Equipped with a removable and adjustable stap, the Western Silver Collection's hay bag can be attached anywhere needed to hang at a good height so your horse or pony can easily access the hay.

The Horse Hay Bag Western Silver can be used in the horse trailer, at the stable, in the stall or at horse shows.

Waterproof, this horse hay bag measures 70 cm hight x 80 cm wide x 19 cm deep.
The opening at the front measures 14.5 cm in diameter.

It is recommanded to always hang the hay bag in height so the horse does not get his forlegs tangled in the bag.

The Western Silver Collection is made of Tarpaulin PVC lined with nylon on the inside. This material is durable, waterproof and washable.

Horse Hay Bag Western Silver
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