Horse ID Holder

Pass-Pass Book - 1680

The Pass-Pass Book 1680 is a horse passport holder.
This holder will protect and preserve your pony or horse ID or any equine identification document.
A great idea to gather all your essential horse's papers in a zipped nylon pouch.

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  • Collection 1680
  • Nylon
Shipping 48H / 72H
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A very usefull horse ID pouch

The Pass-Pass Book 1680 was designed to store and protect your pony or horse passport and all his documents, such as the horse insurance, prescriptions, any horse identification documents ...

The horse ID registration is mandatory and follows your horse throughout his life, especially during any transport and horse shows.

This protective pouch allows you to protect and gather all the information about your horse, you can also slip your riding license in the label holder inside.

To be able to identify easily the horse passport cover from one to another, there is a label holder on the front of the horse book.

The 1680 Collection is made of navy nylon with the Horse & Travel logo in brown leatherette.

Horse Passport Cover Pass-Pass Book 1680
Horse Passport Pouch Pass-Pass Book 1680

A horse passport cover very pactical

The Pass-Pass Book 1680 closes completely with a zip and has a small ring to hang it.

Equipped with 4 plastic separations, it has enough space to gather all the documentation needed for one horse or several horses.

The Pass-Pass Book 1680 measures 20 x 28 x 2 cm thick.

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