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Stirrup Cover Neo

The Stirrup Cover Neo are designed to protect the english saddle from marks and scratches due to the stirrups' frictons when pulled up.

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Usefull english stirrup covers to protect the horse riding saddle

The Stirrup Cover Neo are neoprene pouches designed to protect the english saddle leather from marks.
This pair of pouches, once placed on the stirrups, will protect the saddle from direct friction due to the stirrups when pulled up on the stirrup leathers.

The Stirrup Cover Neo are soft and the shap of stirrups.
They're asy to use, simply place the saddle stirrups in each pouch once pulled up on the stirrup's leathers.
The stirrups leathers must go through the hole to make sure the Stirrup Cover Neo stays in place.

The Stirrup Cover Neo are not suitable for very wide treads.
The stirrup bags measures 17 cm wide.
If the treads are to larged for the Stirrup Cover Neo, there is the Stirrup Cover Velvet that will perfectly adapt.

The Stirrup Cover Neo can be machine washed.
Housse Etrier Equitation Stirrup Cover Neo
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