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Jumping Saddle Pad

The Jumping Saddle Pad is a horse saddle pads, horse size or big pony, embroidered with the Horse & Travel colors and logo.
In cotton, the saddle pads are specially created for H&T.

Made in France by Paddock Sport

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  • Cotton
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Saddle Pads 100% cotton made in France

The Jumping Saddle Pad is an english saddle pads of very good quality and finish.

The padding is thick for a good horse back protection.
Made of 100% cotton, it's white honeycomb lined for a better comfort for the horse.
The Jumping Saddle Pad is ultra breathable to evacuate perspiration.
It's shaped to liberate the horse's withers.

Jumping Saddle Pad
English Saddle Pad

Horse riding saddle pads at Horse & Travel colors and logo

All of our Jumping Saddle Pad are lined with 2 or 3 braids.
Made in France by Paddock Sport, they are specially designed for Horse & Travel.

The saddle pads are machine washable. It's recommended to brush before washing to remove as much hair and dirt as possible.
They can be washed in the Dirty Bag equestrian laundry bag.

The Jumping Saddle Pad can be stored, protected and carried, using the Rugs Bag to store your saddle pads, your horse's shirts and blankets or the Saddle Pads Bag.

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  • Saddle Pad Bag

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